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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a charge for the forms?
A: No, you can download the forms for free.

Q: I can’t find the form I’m looking for.
A: Sorry. TLN will be adding more forms in the future.

Q: I have a suggestion for a legal form that should be on this site?
A: Email it to

Q: Why are some forms in pdf and some in Word format?
A: Some government forms could not be converted into Word. TLN aims at having most forms available in Word format.

Q: Where does the form go after I download it?
A: The form should download into your Internet Browser “downloads” file.

Q: Who did the graphics on the site?
A: A good friend and artist, Barbara, drew graphics for the site.

Q: I have a question about filling out a form?
A: A court clerk may be able to help with simple questions (i.e. calculating your income while filling out a bankruptcy form). An attorney may be best suited for more complex issues (i.e. obtaining a property description for a Quit Claim Deed).

Q: What does equal access to justice mean, listed on the header of the site?
A: Quality legal services are often unavailable to many regular people that need them most. Not everyone has a family attorney. Equal access to justice has been a buzz “word” among legal scholars that highlights serious problems in our legal system in which a chunk of the population is left out. The cure to this problem is easy access to information, such as simple legal forms, while leaving more complex matters to the attorneys.

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