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The Legal Market is Poised for a Total Transformation

“The ready access to online documents has fed desires for self representation and low-cost assistance in routine matters. Indeed, the present legal market is ripe for the efforts of disruptive innovators stimulating total market transformation.” Since the 1970’s, Deborah Rhodes has been analyzing the unauthorized practice of law issue as it often limits ordinary, middle-class people from obtaining legal services. Thankfully, internet access has transformed society into a do-it-yourself world, and the wide availability of free legal forms has made it easier than ever for people to take legal matters into their own hands. Rhode recognized that legal consumers have demanded access to the information they need to perform simple legal tasks, which will drive a “total transformation” driven by innovative companies. The idea behind TheLegalNest is not to charge consumers or attorneys for simple legal forms, but to give them free access in a fun and easy-to-navigate environment. Currently, only a few sites provide comprehensive legal forms in a usable format, and these sites charge for them. TheLegalNest is limited in scope. It offers simple forms in an in a downloadable format, that’s it! A legal site that tries to be everything to everyone becomes bland by doing a lot of things just “OK.” Here, our goal is to be a quick stop for a simple legal form.

Deborah L. Rhode & Lucy Buford Ricca, Protecting the Profession or the Public? Rethinking Unauthorized Practice Enforcement, 82 FORDHAM L. REV. (2014).

March 4, 2015

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