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Using Technology when “Flying Solo”

“The legal education community needs to step up,” says Richard Granat, co-director of the Center for Law Practice Technology at Florida Coastal Law School. He’s referring to teaching students how to use technology to practice law. It’s a fact that most students graduating today will not work in a large law firm. Many will work in small practices or solo law firms. That’s why Stephanie Kimbro and Granat have teamed up at Florida Coastal to provide classes in the practical skills of running a law firm. The good news is that new lawyers have an advantage at already being tech savy, and also have great new workplace management software resources that makes being a solo practitioner and economically viable solution. MyCase, Clio, Nextpoint, LawGives, & Lawpal are a few of these new companies that aim at being a tool for running a small firm efficiently. Students interested in “going solo” should check out these companies to see what services they offer, and which one you prefer.

Sherry Karabin, Law Schools 3.0, Student Lawyer, ABA Vo. 43, No. 4 (Dec. 2014)

March 16, 2015

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